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welcome to "open house." today i'm coming to you from a stun throwing-bedroom loft. with charming details like white washed exposed brick and barrel vaulted ceilings, this home is a can't-miss. now we're in georgia's napa valley at the traditional home showhouse. top designers from around the country are showing off their creative design. >> hi, i'm ann maine, editor of "traditional home." i would like to welcome you to the first-ever traditional home napa valley show house. ten designers have transformed this house at the cardinal winery located in the heart of the napa valley. proceeds from the showhouse benefit the napa valley film festival. let's take a peek and see what you think. >> hi, i'm emily bowman and this is the kitchen and family dining room. the goal for the two spaces was to make them both more flexible
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and functional. in the kitchen, the charcoal cabinets and aged iron hardware bring a rustic feel to the space. the marble countertops and limestone colored walls add warmth to the space. all these elements pay homage to napa, while indulging in modern comfort. the goal was to preserve the indoor and outdoor feel through natural colors. the main furniture pieces in the space are made from belgian linen and the pops of colors by decorative pillows and access trees. >> hi, i'm joe lucas from lucas studio, and welcome to the formal dining room at the napa valley showhouse. we didn't want a very serious, serious room, but we definitely wanted a little bit of a glamour factor. so we started with darker walls that gives depth to the room, really draws your focus outside to the win re and vineyards. but then we mixed patterns and color. we have a beautiful parquet
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walnut dining table we had custom made mixed with a playful wicker chair. big piece of modern art on the wall brings in some color. and then over here, we created a small seating area so you can enjoy a glass of wine before din e sit on the comfy couch, big thick nail heads gives a hint towards the more rustic lifestyle in napa. same for the chandelier. overscaled to give the smaller dining room a little bit more of a pop. it's a play on scale, a mix of color, and i think it gives a really nice space to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the napa lifestyle. hi, my name is melanie with cottington design. we're in the guest suite. wine furniture doesn't have to be made from wine barrels. i've taken my style here which i consider to be creating liveable spaces that are chic with just the right amount of glam.
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the wow moment are these made to resemble swans' wings and add natural elements in the room. some other fun elements include the gilded stump table and the bird print on the bed. i created two main upholstered pieces in the room. the custom bed and custom setee. they have a 1940s era feeling which i love. overall, the room feels charming, relaxing and isn't over the top. hi, my name is melanie turner, i'm the interior designer for the master bedroom here at the napa valley showhouse. we wanted to create an intimate and timeless interior for the master bedroom. we did this by juxtapositioning classic with contemporary, old and new, airy and intimate with light and dark elements. a great example is the soft, modern lines of the sofa and the bed. married with the painted italian
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chest. the room exemplifies a rural and refined look, just like napa valley itself. thank you for taking the tour. if you would like to ticket information, go to house. tell us what you think of the showhouse on twitter with #openhousetv. stay right here for more design tips, style and beautiful homes.
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welcome back to "open house." now we're taking you inside a waterfront property in connecticut.
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this five-bedroom home has a guest house, pool and even a virtual golf course. >> hi. i'm mac patterson, architect for this project in darrion, connecticut at 112 pear tree point. i'm excited to show you around, so let's go take a look. this home is located on two acres overlooking the harbor in darian, connecticut. consisting of 7,500 square feet, our design approach on the project was to evoke a 1900s cottage on the water. ♪ the family room is really the core of the entire house. it has access to the front porch, tremendous bar at the back of the room. fireplace, tv set and, of course, at the end of it, the view.
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♪ >> the dining room is a nice-sized room. comfortable for the expanded family meals. but what i really find interesting about the room is the glass wall between the family room and the dining room, which provide views to the water. ♪ one of the requirements was an extensive outside kitchen with two types of barbecues, smokers, refrigerators, the rear yard as well has a swimming pool, spa, covered porch, outside fireplace. ♪ this is the guest house. contrary to the old joke, your guests will never want to leave. the guest house has private bedroom, private bath, kitchenette, fireplace, and it doubles as the pool house for the pool and spa. but there is something
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extra-special here that i would like to show you. when your golf club is closed, this one is open year-round. ♪ this master bedroom has everything you need. big views of the water, private balcony, wonderful bathroom, his and her sinks and a big, generous closet with dressing area. with this house, we hope to evoke the quiet elegance of a 1900 shore house. and i believe we have succeeded. i hope you have enjoyed your peek inside. up next, we're in l.a. to talk design, and later, a georgian estate in chicago. l rei i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little
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welcome back to "open house." next interior designer carol poet takes us inside a mediterranean masterpiece originally built in the 1920s. she shows how she merged the old with the new while integrating an impressive art collection. ♪ hello and welcome. my name is carol poet. i'm going to walk you through a house that is a mediterranean revival built in about the early 1920s. the clients are very serious art lovers and art collectors. the example of this is this niche we created that holds this very large sculpture. this is the main salon of the house. when i first saw the house, there was a very large walk-in fireplace at that end. and i said, what if we take that fireplace and put it in the
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middle of the room and build a bar at that end of the room? and this is what the bar became. and it's a wonderful, large bar, with all of the latest amenities, including a glass-front, walk-in wine/refrigerator. and this is the wall where the art first arrived. and it's in constant change. in juxtaposition to this wonderful old italian table, and a pair of very serious chairs. and this is the family room. and on plan, this was supposed to be the dining room. but at the 11th hour, the clients decided to flip the room. and i think they decided that because there are beautiful french doors surrounding the end of this room. we decided to add large coffers on the ceiling, and they are made out of walnut. we brought the walnut down into panels around the television, and the television as you can see, fits very, very flush into
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these panels. i selected this model because it has a very warm color in it. and that influenced the finish and the color on all of the walnut in the room. the clients asked this room be a very relaxed room. so the table, for example, is very rugged. it has pull-out trays. and as i was designing this furniture, of course i had to make these chairs swivel, so they swivel around to the large screen. and this is the dining room. and as you remember, this used to be the family room on plan. but it makes a wonderful dining room, because it has a small patio at one end and a fountain and soft sounds of the fountain really add. we always knew we want wanted to have the room built around a very important art piece that the clients owned. and i took the colors from the piece, went to the marble yard
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and found this wonderful marble that is a soft green color from which this whole coloration stems. thank you for joining me. and i hope you can see how beautifully art and design come together. still ahead, we're on the hunt for a new york city apartment upgrade. and up next, a 10,000 square-foot chicago home.
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welcome back to "open house." now we go behind the doors of a beautiful chicago home that's the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary.
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this is set on 2.4 makers of magnificent landscape. >> hello. i'm carol segal. welcome. today i'd like to give you a tour of my home at 36 woodley road in winnetka, illinois. ♪ >> now we're in the family room/media room. it's 33 x 19. certainly you can have lots of family members here or sports aaficionados to watch the game. welcome to my green kitchen. i say it's my green kitchen, because i've always dreamt of having a kitchen this large, this size, and with all of these wonderful appliances in it. this whole counter is a dream for a home cook, for the cate r caterere catererers, because they have plenty of space. underneath is storage too. the stone on the floor actually continues all the way through to
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the pantry, the breakfast room and then goes on into the family room. so it's basically a very, very functional kitchen. it's a dream kitchen. ♪ we have now entered the dining room, which is 23 x 15. very, very spacious. there's one table in here now that you can see. but you could always put tables, if you had a larger dinner party here and have all your guests in one room. it's great, absolutely gorgeous venetian chandelier. this living room was a room that probably went through the most transition. love bringing nature inside. i think it's soothing, i think it's calming. it's how i live, and i hope other people do too. i took these windows down to the floor, and you will notice there's no drapes. the fireplace here, actually the panelling is taken off a
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nantucket house. this is a wonderful room for entertaining. ♪ welcome now to the master bedroom suite. it sets the mood, a beautiful setting here with the outdoors coming in again. attached is a beautiful bathroom, luxurious bathroom with marble stone, and a soaking tub that overlooks the yard. ♪ thank you for joining me on this tour today. i hope you enjoyed it. coming up after the break -- >> when you gave me your price, how many bedrooms did you think you would get? >> two. >> you're getting four here.
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welcome back to "open house." now we're on the hunt with brian lewis and his client, sheila. sheila was thinking about moving out west, unless brian can find her a reason to stay. let's see if he can convince her with some manhattan real estate. my name is brian lewis, i'm executive vice president of hallsted property, and today i'm going to show sheila two very different homes. the first up in hamilton heights, amazing. the second down on 89 and west end. sheila and her husband may go to california. but she told me, here's
11:23 am
$600,000, go find us an amazing home and we may stay right here in new york city. i'm on it. >> hi, i'm sheila. my husband terry and i are looking for a large apartment. we recently sold our apartment on the west side. we have a 3-year-old daughter, and we definitely need more space. >> sheila! >> brian! >> come on. you're here. >> this is hamilton heights. this area is hot, hot, hot. i love it. come on. >> let's do it. >> let's do it. ♪ >> sheila. welcome. >> oh, wow. this is beautiful. >> you love prewar. >> yes. >> and you gave me $1,600 jourks 000 to work with. four bedrooms, amazing views. are you ready for this?
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>> i'm ready. >> all right. take a look. >> just feel the history. >> yeah, so open and bright. >> now, sheila, in your current home, i know you have your dining right in your living room. but come on. >> oh, wow. >> this is a whole another level. >> absolutely. >> so sheila, when you gave me your price, how many bedrooms did you think you would get? >> two. >> two? you're getting four here. this -- >> oh, it's beautiful. it's a little smaller than my current bedroom, but it's definitely a nice size. >> so right off the foyer, you're in another corner of the sprawling home. >> it's huge. >> it's huge. check out this carpet. >> o it's a room. >> it's a room. >> that's amazing. >> that's right. take a look around. you might need a map. think about it and let's meet up in that beautiful living room
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and talk about it. >> sounds great. ♪ >> how do you feel right now? >> overwhelmed. >> ready for place number two? >> i am. >> let's head out that door. we've gone from a fast, uptown place to a very boutiquey place right up the street from where you live. welcome to 595 west end avenue. you're looking at prewar condo space. and this living room/dining is double wide. and by the way, pet-friendly. ♪ >> i thought this would be a really nice choice for you. because it's open, and you can literally see so much of the living space from this one area. >> i love the open loft feeling. it's really nice and great, wonderful for our family. ♪
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oh, this is a very nice space. i love the glass door knobs and high ceilings. very bright. >> i'm just going to let you go on and on. >> it's very nice. >> do you want to see the others? >> yes, i would love to. >> let's go! ♪ >> boo. >> oh, there you are. i was wondering where you went. >> third bedroom, came through the bathroom, two entrances to this bathroom. >> that's great. i would love the split bedroom. never dreamed of having something like that. i think that's such a nice feature, because you could be over there doing our thing. >> good layout. makes sense. >> absolutely. >> very practical. i'm going to have you take a look around. >> okay. >> you know the drill. look around, have fun, and we'll see each other in the living room. >> sounds great. ♪ so do you know yet? are you going stay in new york, going to california? >> it's still up in the air.
11:27 am
>> so still questioning. >> still questioning. but i think we're getting close. >> i like that. does that mean if i show you the right home in new york, you might stay, you might buy it? >> let's see the right home. could happen. >> i love you. >> aww. out of the two places we saw today, they both definitely have potential, but i prefer the second place on west end. so at this point, i want to keep looking, but i would consider this as one of our top choices. that's all for this week's episode of "open house." join us next week for more of america's top properties and design. if you missed something on today's show or just want to see more of these amazing homes, head to also join our facebook family or follow us on
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this neighborhood sure has changed in my lifetime. you know there was a time when people like me couldn't live here because of their race or the color of their skin. i'll never forget how i felt being told i wasn't welcome in this neighborhood, that this apartment was for whites only. that got better over time, but some people still didn't get equal treatment when it came to finding a home. no, there's no apartment here for you . well i own this building now, the fair housing act made a difference for someone like me. it gives us the opportunity to live in communities of
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our choice, free from discrimination. the fair housing act makes it illegal to discriminate in the renting or selling of a home because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability. know your rights, if you believe you have experienced housing discrimination, contact hud. i'm sara gore and this is "open house nyc." this week we go inside an almost $28 million townhouse and a downtown home with an indoor pool. and how to destress this holiday season. but first i get a behind the scenes tour of the "30 rock" set with tina feys. >> this is a large new york bedroom. >> yes it's big for new york. i don't think it looks as big on tv.
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